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Artist to watch: DJ Tess

Chicago has a large and booming DJ scene. Amid all that talent, DJ Tess sticks out as someone worth paying attention to. Her vibrant, electrifying performances are guaranteed to make you dance all night.

Having moved to Chicago in 2002 from Baton Rouge, Tess turned to the music scene from a visual artist “for creative expressions.” Holding multiple residencies around the city, such as Soho House, as well as co-founding the dance party ‘slo-mo,’ she’s made large waves in Chicago’s music scene that are only getting bigger.

“Ever since moving to Chicago and seeing DJ Tess play for the first time, I always look out for her gigs because no matter when or where I know it’s going to be a great time,” said Jillian X, Chicago based DJ.

One element DJ Tess always brings to her sets is energy, and lots of it. Her positive vibes mixed with her eclectic music selection makes her sets incredibly fun. If you're looking for a new way to spend a night out, this is one DJ worth seeing.

Check out the excellent video “DJ Tess - Every Flip Matters” produced by WheelHouse Media to learn more about what makes this Chicago artist so unique and make sure to follow up on her website for upcoming November gigs.

- Tessa Brubaker

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