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A Harvest for the Homeless


On November 27, Stylin' Out Network and Go Infinite are teaming up to return to the true meaning of Thanksgiving: a Native American tradition of sharing harvests, resources, and abundance amongst neighbors.

Well, our neighbors are a community of about 20 homeless folks living in tents underneath the Metra bridge who are suffering from substance abuse and trauma. We must be real and face an ugly reality that a lot of them can’t be saved. This does not mean they do not deserve the same comforts many of us take for granted. So we are asking those of you who can give this year to donate to the following:

1: Cash contribution: We will deliver 2 pizza pies and a case of water per tent

2: Hygiene + basic first aid items

3: Winter clothes + camping supplies

Please contact us if you would like to donate. We will be collecting supplies through 11/26. If you want to donate cash, we will use your money to purchase food + water, or you can tell us exactly what to buy and we will do it. We will deliver everything on Black Friday, because fuck capitalism.

They may never know who we are or where we came from, or why we organized. But you’ll know. That’s the reward.

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