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CreativeMornings/Chicago is hosting a virtual event this Friday, September 25th at 8:30am with artist Ivan Vazquez. Resident DJ Jillian x will provide the soundtrack.

Ivan Vazquez is a Mexican American visual artist born and based in Chicago, Illinois. Ivan’s work inspires reconnecting with your indigenous spirituality. Self-taught, his work embodies Realism, Surrealism, Linear artwork, Pop art, Portrait, and Modern abstract expressionism. An artist of the times, Ivan’s work itself—controversial, yet progressive—questions social structure and the effects of this structure on modern-day society. Ivan’s work has been featured in local grassroots community shows and sponsored events ranging from the Jordan Brand (From Chicago for Chicago), Don Julio Tequila (Galeria 1942), Mountain Dew (NBA Courtside Collection), Red Bull Music Academy, the NBA, Pepsi, and Toyota. Reimagining traditional Chicano/Aztec art, his pieces celebrate modern-day descendants and reconnecting/harnessing the energy that comes with it. Come take a look into the past, present, and—most importantly—the future with visuals from Ivan Vazquez’s budding collection “Aztec Boys 'N' the Hood.”

For more info, visit:

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