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Dance and Electronic 3rd most popular genre

Chicago DJ's Supes Base and Jillian x play at Backdoor Saloon, 844 W Randolph St

Dance and Electronic music is the third most popular genre in the world, with 1.5 billion people listening, according to a survey conducted by the International Music Summit. Pop and Rock lead with the most listeners in the world. Dance and Electronic music falling at number 3 shows how much impact the genre has in the world. 

This research also shows how female techno DJ’s are leading the genre as well. Females dominated the festival circuit in 2018. DJ Nina Kravitz played 35 festivals during 2018, making her the top performing DJ. This is exciting considering how male dominated the genre has historically been. 

I’ve always been interested in what makes a person want to go out in Chicago and experience live music or or why they choose to stay in. Because of this research, I decided to conduct my own to figure out what young people look for when they decide to spend a night out in the city. Where do they prefer to go? What kind of music do they want to listen/dance to? What would make them go out if they usually stay at home? I asked these questions to my followers on Instagram and got some pretty surprising responses. 

Out of the 30 people who responded to my survey, 19 said they prefer to stay inside while 11 said they would go out on a Saturday night. The majority of people said they prefer to listen to pop and R&B while at a bar, with three people saying they like electronic and house music. Six people said they would go out when they normally stay in only if friends invited them along to something. 

This is interesting to learn how people aged 19-25 decide to spend their weekend nights. Often, money and transportation are major factors for college students deciding to go out, as a lot of clubs charge expensive cover charges and the cost of drinks add up. There needs to be an increase in cheaper alternatives in order to encourage young people to experience the city they live in.

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