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Walking & Falling is a mentorship program and podcast showcasing female-identifying and nonbinary DJs. Representing the Chicago-based DJ mentorship program at Smartbar. For all ears. Curated by @taylorbratches

For episode 19, Walking & Falling invited JILLIAN X to contribute.

"She's a mentee of Walking and Falling who attended one of our recent public workshops at Smartbar. As a house and dance DJ based in Chicago, her mixes tend towards classic house with a touch of disco and funk. In addition to DJing around town and supporting other artists in Chicago with her collective, Stylin' Out Network, she's an art curator and graphic designer working with various non-profits by day. In Jillian's words: "My inspiration for this mix begins with my love for house music" and aims "to blend some jackin' house tunes from the last 2 decades to create a steady, crunchy beat with lots of musical texture all the way through." It's an energetic mix that offers a final, ecstatic twist & shout before a deeper turn into winter's hibernation."

Listen to the full mix here and be sure to follow Walking & Falling on Soundcloud!

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