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Walking and Falling will host a free public introductory DJ workshop at smartbar on June 14th from 7-9:30PM (Doors at 6:30PM). The event will be open to women-identifying and non binary music enthusiasts who are 18+ and who have an interest in DJing. Participants in the DJ Workshop and Mentor program will play a part in leading aspects of the public workshop and teaching their newfound skills at several DJ stations that will be set up inside the venue.

'Walking and Falling' takes its name from a track title from pioneer electronic music artist Laurie Anderson's album 'Big Science' and works well as a symbol for the type of learning philosophy necessary to grow as an artist - the tightrope balancing act between growing and failing and how beneficial 'falling' can be in the learning process.

Attendees will earn free entry to Walking and Falling party at smartbar after the workshop concludes.

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